The Best Brand Of Shampoo For 365 Days

December 18, 2016 | Best Brand Of Shampoo | By Dan Obrien | 0 Comments

Anybody experiencing excessive hair fall realizes that it’s a life changing occasion in many different ways. Rapid loss of hair propels us to research the cause, and in addition the cure, so an uncommon measure of time can be spent on this issue. The first step in treating hair fall is to identify the cause and after that discover a treatment that works for that specific cause. A few people prefer natural herbal brands; others swing to doctor prescribed medications and some select surgical methods to stimulate growth of new hair.


The most well known best brand of shampoo for 365 days, is the chemical Minoxidil, otherwise known as Rogaine. While not a shampoo, the brand can simply be sprayed onto the head once or twice a day, and therefore this solution is noninvasive. Interestingly, Minoxidil was originally designed as a medicine to lower blood pressure many years ago, however an interesting side effect was discovered: it re-grows hair. While this brand is particularly useful for re-growing hair at the crown of the head (as long as there isn’t already total loss), it is very ineffective for a receding hairline. Also troublesome with this brand is the fact that twice daily application (or even more often) is required for optimal effect. Finally, given that this is actually a blood pressure medicine and some will be absorbed through the scalp and into the bloodstream, there is the risk of certain side effects, particularly cardiovascular.


Another potential best brand of shampoo for 365 days would be based on Retin-A, a brand that was originally designed as a treatment for certain skin problems, however it was found to also help with hair re-growth. It is generally used in combination with Minoxidil, as it can improve the absorption of Minoxidil deep into the hair follicles, thereby enhancing the effects. Retin-A is also known to effect sebum, which researchers are discovering may be a large player behind early baldness. What is sebum? It’s a natural oily substance produced by the body that helps skin to retain its moisture. In other words, it’s the stuff that gives your scalp that oily feeling. Having excessive amounts of sebum on the scalp (especially when it gets trapped in the hair follicles) can promote baldness, because this substance is believed to be high in DHT (which is the natural hormone which is primarily responsible for male pattern baldness, and is itself a brand of testosterone).


Saw Palmetto

One of the brands that almost everyone looks for is a hair loss control shampoo that works to revitalize the scalp and stimulate the new growth. Finding the best brand of shampoo for 365 days takes patience and some research. Saw Palmetto is one of the herbal ingredients used in most shampoos specifically made for hair growth, because Saw Palmetto has a successful track record for stimulating new hair growth.

These are obviously only two of many available topical brands to deal with male pattern baldness or a receding hairline. There isn’t one best shampoo for hair loss however, as different ingredients will interact with each person’s physiology in sometimes unpredictable ways. Therefore, the only way to go will be to experiment, and discover which shampoo works best for you.